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World War I was fought on an industrial scale like nothing experienced before, with both sides using and developing increasingly lethal weapons. Join us to discover how, faced with this challenge, new equipment and techniques were invented that, across four years of fighting, would end up saving thousands of lives.


13.00     A Constant Battle: Disease in the First World War

Disease was a constant enemy for men on all sides of the war.  Historian Simon Walker talks about the different diseases they suffered – from typhoid to trench foot – and the medics who fought to keep them fighting fit.

14.00     Transcending National Boundaries: the Medical History of the Gallipoli Campaign Dr Burçin Cakir, visiting fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University, discusses medics and medicine at Gallipoli, a battle that lasted nearly nine months and left half a million people dead or wounded.

14.30     The Evacuation Chain

Historian Dr Yvonne McEwen walks us through the stages of casualty evacuation – from battlefield to trench dressing station to base hospital and back home.

PLUS     British Nurses of the First World War

               An exhibition by the Royal College of Nursing tells the journey of a wounded soldier, from the front line to back home, and the vital role of nurses at each stage.

AND       War & Peas  Visit our new WW1 allotment plot to learn about Home Front herbal remedies.  Make your own WW1 poultices and potions, and create your own tiny WW1 allotment to take home!

Wounds of War: Medicine in WW1

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