Digging In needs some volunteers to help keep the trenches in good order! Do you have time to spare?  Are you looking to contribute your time and skills, ideas and talents to a project that seeks to inform and educate?

The Great War changed the course of world history and its reverberations are felt to this day – no community or family were left untouched by the impact.  The trenches at Digging In are used to bring some of this history to the fore in the centenary period.  They are a tool for engagement and, while we could never recreate the horrors of the front line (nor would we wish to), they are an effective tool for giving people insights into the human experiences of the war and its impacts.  School children visit weekly, and our monthly themed events are open to all (have a look at our upcoming Events & Open Days ).

Keeping the trenches safe and well maintained – with an air of authenticity – takes work, though!  There are lots of things we need help with and Wednesday Working Parties (every second Wednesday at present) are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in beautiful Pollok Park while contributing to a very worthwhile project!

Example activities include:

1  maintaining the trench edges and keeping them safe, solid and in good order

2  creating and tending trench gardens

3  dressing the trenches with authentic looking materials – could you make them!?

4 filling and even painting sandbags (to replicate camouflage)

5  designing and building bits and pieces of furniture and equipment like ones that were improvised on the front line

6 helping survey and photograph the trenches regularly to monitor how they change with time and weather

We also need help in advance of events – could you act as a guide for people wanting more information?  Would you like to do some research and create posters for display?

If any of this appeals, we’d delighted to hear from you!  Please get in touch by emailing Lorna Innes: linnes@yorkat.co.uk and we can take it from there with an initial chat about the project and how you might like to get involved.